The traditional gaming chair has been overturned? Will the new form of gaming chair be your food?

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[PConline miscellaneous talk] Speaking of gaming chairs, the author is a user of DXRACER D01 in 2009. How can I be considered an old man? At that time, it was also when cars began to enter thousands of households. For users at the time, car seats were very cool and comfortable. At that time, the main focus of e-sports chairs was the appearance of fashion and simulated car seats. Comfortable feeling.

Therefore, it is not difficult for the friends who often pay attention to the gaming chair to find that the mix and match of fabrics is a major feature of the gaming chair. The backrest is made of sports car-specific soft leather, and the seat cushion is made of carbon fiber imitation leather material for racing, which is basically traditional. The consistent style of gaming chairs.

However, today is different from the past, because the needs of users are constantly changing, and the user’s usage scenarios are more than just buying e-sports chairs for e-sports games. Even for office and home use, many users will choose e-sports chairs. The modular functions of gaming chairs are becoming more and more abundant. It can be said that the needs of users and the development of gaming chairs are spirally interdependent and alternately developed.

Of course, the e-sports chair industry has been developing for several years. I checked the e-commerce pages of some e-sports chairs and found that there are still some problems. The proportion of users who are negative towards gaming chairs is approaching the proportion of positive ones step by step. This also makes users who want to come in an embarrassing situation-is it worth buying?

In the final analysis, the current pain points of users are mainly quality problems, and the so-called e-sports chairs of some manufacturers, at best, only the appearance meets the definition of e-sports chairs, and the actual use experience (including partial comfort of the waist, cushions, etc., as well as ergonomic design ) Caused by unfriendly.

In addition to the above-mentioned user comments, various gaming chairs will also have various problems such as short service life and severe surface wear; users have even sat for less than a year, and the cushion has lost its elasticity and becomes dry and flat.

Of course, people are not perfect, and no matter how easy to use traditional gaming chairs, there are pain points, such as stuffy, airtight, single function, etc., which affect our experience.

The reason for the sultry heat mainly comes from the choice of materials for gaming chairs, such as fabrics and leathers, because the built-in sponge causes a certain degree of sultry discomfort.

The single function is mainly caused by the lack of modular support. Whether in office or watching a drama, how to do things "lying down" is something that every lazy person dreams of every day. (Lazy Upanishad: As long as you can sit and never stand, as long as you can lie down, never sit).

The pain points of "uncomfortable sitting", "bad quality", and "too hot" seem to be only three or four, but each pain point is quite heart-wrenching...

So, whether you want to enrich the usage scenarios of gaming chairs, have a comfortable seat that allows our body to have a "harbour" that our bodies can rely on, or want a high-quality chair that can sit for a long time. , These signs all show that you need a good gaming chair.

The big and small problems faced by the above-mentioned users have long been captured by sharp-eyed manufacturers, and they are beginning to solve the user's pain points, and from the early user experience feedback, very good results have been achieved. It is the AIR gaming net chair of Direx that we are talking about today. It not only conforms to the ergonomic design, but also has a rich modular function design while ensuring the comfort of the user. It is also a very breathable one. The whole product is made of high-quality high-pressure resistant mesh fabric made of polyester elastomer. This material has excellent elasticity of rubber and excellent resistance to bending fatigue, which also enhances its durability.

With the breathable mesh design, it removes the heat and sweat produced by traditional gaming chairs for sedentary sitting, which can keep you dry and comfortable at all times.

Moreover, as most gaming chairs increase in service life, the leather appearance will show varying degrees of wear and tear, which will affect the appearance. The AIR gaming net chair uses a combination of plastic and net cloth, so users don't have to worry about this problem at all, and it will last as long as new.

But I believe that my friends will also raise a question to me. Use this in summer, which is cool and breathable. In winter, it should be frozen.....emmm don’t worry, I’ve considered it for you. There is an item called Understand the "e-sports chair cover"? Direx has prepared two-handedly for everyone, whether you like leather touch or furry touch, you can always find something that suits you. Like we chose the leather chair cover this time, it is not only easy to cover, but also easy to get started, and it feels very good.

In terms of the material (breathable mesh), modular design (modular bracket, music headrest) and the comfort of the backrest of the Direx AIR gaming net chair, it is not difficult to see that Direx not only has a long-term depth Investigating the pain points of users in the use of gaming chairs is still demanding high-quality product quality.

Why use mesh? Why has the traditional style of gaming chairs improved so much over the years? Is it that the airtight material has made users intolerable? How to ensure the pressure resistance of the mesh fabric and will it have a shorter lifespan? And this is through internal polishing and testing time and time again, so that users get such a product.

Of course, according to the changes and increases in user needs, can gaming chairs better adapt to diversified scenarios, and can they bring users a more comfortable experience? Through these questions, AIR's modular functions are becoming more and more abundant.

Of course, it is not difficult to see from this AIR that Direx has made efforts and continuous investment in product innovation and upgrading over the years, from the e-sports mobile game chair tailored for mobile game players not long ago, to The current AIR gaming net chairs have unique design concepts.

However, in our opinion, what Dirux does is not only product quality and innovation, but also closely follows the international new technology, new process research and development pace and market trends, introduces advanced technology and equipment, and increases research and development investment. These behaviors have set a reference for the market, played a leading role in the industry, and promoted the development of the industry.

Friends who are concerned about the e-sports business are not difficult to find that we can see it in many top international events such as WCG, ECS, ESL, etc. It is not only a sponsor of various events, but also NAVI and SKT. , Tianlu and many other world-renowned team partners. With its excellent product quality and cutting-edge manufacturing technology, it has been highly recognized by e-sports players and users.

PConline summary

Direx AIR gaming chair effectively solves the sultry pain points caused by traditional gaming chairs in the past. Compared with leather gaming chairs, its wear resistance and durability are quite advantageous, and it is more prepared for users. The modular design of the style enriches the usage scenarios of gaming chairs. A gaming chair with modular design can play a variety of tricks, which is worth the money for consumers.