The development of small and micro enterprises in the chair industry is getting wider and wider

2021-07-30 管理员 Read 837

With the one-to-one help from the County Market Supervision Bureau, Anji Ruixing Furniture Co., Ltd. has effectively improved its logistics turnover efficiency, has gradually reduced production management costs, and its quality management level has not been what it used to be.

Anji Ruixing Furniture Co., Ltd. is a small and micro chair enterprise specializing in the production of gaming chairs and office chairs. The products are mainly exported to the United States, Brazil, Chile, Russia and other countries. Due to various reasons, the company once faced a great difficulty in its development. "At that time, I was really confused and didn't know what to do!" The person in charge of the company said frankly that the company's development had encountered a bottleneck, but he did not know where to "make efforts".

At this time, the Anji County Chair Industry Small and Micro Enterprise Quality Certification Improvement Pilot was successfully selected as one of the 24 pilot industries with the province’s first comprehensive performance. The County Market Supervision Bureau identified the "pulse" of small and micro enterprises and formulated a pilot program. , Identified 40 companies as pilot companies, and plans to carry out progressive rectification and upgrading, and Ruixing is one of them.

On the one hand, the County Market Supervision Bureau combined with the Hangzhou Branch of the China Quality Certification Center and the Zhejiang Chair Industry Testing Center to form an expert group to go to the company to conduct research; and appoint experts to provide one-on-one assistance to the company. "For us to straighten out the quality management activities involved in the whole process of design, production, inspection, warehousing, and sales, and tailor the improvement plan; for the basic identification of the production site, regional identification, warehouse bracket, quality inspection equipment, The management of equipment status and other requirements requires 5S diagnosis." The person in charge of the company said.

On the one hand, the bureau has also hired ISO9001 senior lecturers to provide free quality management system internal auditor training for companies to help companies fully understand the ISO9001 international general quality certification standards and improve their quality management level. "Through the implementation of the above measures, the company has basically achieved a clean and tidy site, clear identification, various tasks to be carried out according to rules, and a significant improvement in personnel quality awareness, production efficiency, factory inspection pass rate, customer complaints, bad costs, etc. All indicators have improved to varying degrees." The person in charge of the company said.

“Small and micro enterprises in Anji chair industry as a whole present a situation of'small scattered and weak'. In the era of rapid development of international trade, intelligence and informatization, they are facing many competitive pressures. Pinching the pulse and prescribing the right medicine is the development of Anji chair industry. A major breakthrough in the field.” The relevant person in charge of the bureau introduced.

Next, the bureau will focus on cultivating enterprises, guide enterprises to obtain quality management system certification, organize exchange meetings, carry out exchanges and learning, and prepare excellent cases and guidelines for improving the quality management system of the furniture industry for small and micro enterprises, and summarize and promote the work China’s good experience and good practices will give full play to the leading role of typical demonstrations and lay a solid foundation for the pilot work in an all-round way.