After studying the development history of Chinese chairs, my cervical spondylosis is saved

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Some time ago, the popularity of "Da Qin Fu" made the author have a keen interest in the sitting posture of the ancients.

Judging from the movie and TV series, the ancients sat on the ground with their knees on the ground, with the backs of their feet facing down, and their buttocks on their heels.

Sometimes you need to behave solemnly (such as asking for advice or respect), and you will raise your hips and straighten your upper body.

The author tried this sitting was simply suffering.

Sitting on the knees for a long time is not conducive to blood circulation in the legs, easily leads to numbness in the feet and may lead to sitting injuries.

Later, the chair was invented, and extended a very rich category and cultural connotation.

The evolution of the chair is the epitome of people's pursuit of a happy life

Chairs are divided into many types according to materials and usage scenarios. For example, the ancients used rattan chairs, recliners, armchairs, etc., and now the office chairs, gaming chairs, and leisure chairs used by people.

It can be seen that for thousands of years, humans' pursuit of comfortable sitting has never stopped. After all, if you have the conditions, you still have to be nice to yourself.

Recently, the company organized a physical examination. As a newcomer entering the workplace, he was found to have a slight injury to the cervical spine, and was ordered by the doctor to exercise more and not to sit for a long time. Imagine that the workplace competition is so fierce, how can there be a combination of work and rest...

Since the fact of sedentary sitting cannot be changed, then change yourself to a comfortable chair for sedentary sitting.

Coincidentally, recently Di Ruix sent the latest product Di Ruix Air Gaming Tennis Chair Goddess Model (the lowest price is 1399 yuan), I can first experience the difference between high-end gaming tennis chairs and ordinary chairs. Click the link to learn more:

An e-sports tennis chair suitable for girls

Users who follow our website may have the impression that we have reviewed the black version of the Direx gaming net chair before. That product focuses on cool technology, but has certain requirements for height, and it is not suitable for petite women. This time, Di Ruix launched the Di Ruix Air gaming net chair goddess model. The appearance is pink as the theme, which is in line with the female aesthetics (our male colleagues also liked it after seeing it), suitable for a variety of home atmospheres, elegant Generous, dirt-resistant and easy to take care of.

Again, pink is really amazing! So after putting together, I asked a female colleague (snatched away) to try it out.

The design is exquisite, the product can be assembled in less than half an hour and mailed over, and it needs to be assembled to experience. Since the parts are highly recognizable and easy to assemble, the author and colleagues actually assemble the product, and the product can be assembled in less than half an hour.

If you think this pink gaming net chair is good, let's continue to talk about it-although many people are planted by its appearance, this product starts with its appearance but has hidden secrets.

An e-sports tennis chair that starts with its appearance but hides black technology

When purchasing gaming chairs, many people give priority to durability, that is, the life of the product. This has a lot to do with the product design and material of the gaming chair.

Experienced high-intensity testing, use more peace of mind

The seat of the Goddess of Direx Air Gaming Tennis Chair has undergone 100,000 fatigue tests, that is, a 57kg sandbag with a diameter of 406mm and a weight of 57kg impacts the seat surface 100,000 times from a height of 36mm. This simulates the action of daily users sitting on gaming chairs, giving people peace of mind from a practical level.

Of course, in addition to being durable, our comfort when seated should also be considered. Many times, sitting on the chair for a long time will cause it to collapse and become inelastic, and lose the fullness of sitting in the gaming chair at the beginning.

The principle of racing shock absorption, better shock absorption effect

The goddess model of Direx Air Gaming Mesh Chair introduces the shock absorption principle of the racing chair, and the steel spring is used as a medium to connect the mesh fabric and the steel frame, which realizes the coexistence of rigidity and flexibility of the mesh fabric and the frame, and gives full play to the shock absorption function brought by the spring. , It is a good way to avoid the problem of sedentary collapse of conventional mesh chairs and prolong the use cycle of mesh cloth.

The outer shell of the Goddess model of Direx Air Gaming Tennis Chair is made of environmentally friendly polypropylene material, non-toxic and tasteless, and can be cleaned and disinfected by alcohol penetration to inhibit the growth of bacteria at any time.

High-quality mesh material, very comfortable to sit up

The mesh material that almost covers the fuselage has a large area of strong ventilation design, and the exhaust is unobstructed, which can quickly take away heat and sweat and keep it dry for a long time. Moreover, this material has excellent elasticity of rubber and excellent resistance to bending fatigue, which also enhances its durability.

In addition, users can also choose personalized chair covers to create a warm nest for themselves in cold weather.

Most of the existing mesh chairs on the market have a structure design of plastic frame + mesh cloth, and the life of related products is relatively short. The Goddess of Direx Air Gaming Net Chair has an innovative design on this basis, adding a stainless steel skeleton of the Gaming Chair, which plays a good supporting role and prolongs the service life of the Gaming Chair. It will not give you the strange experience of "the chair is scrapped within a few days after you buy it".

According to official information, the goddess model of the Direx Air Gaming Tennis Chair can bear a maximum weight of 115kg and a height of less than 2m. Such extreme specifications cover most people.

A variety of adjustment modes support, enjoy all-round comfort

In many cases, we need to use chairs to adapt to the height of the tabletop and personal usage habits. The Goddess of Direx Air Gaming Net Chair has multiple adjustment modes such as up and down adjustment of armrests, front and rear adjustment of armrests, seat height adjustment, and large-angle backrest.

DIY module blessing to create your own gaming net chair

It is worth mentioning that this Direx Air gaming net chair goddess model continues the comfortable experience of the master chair, and expands more module combinations. Both the top and bottom are designed with DIY modules, and users can choose according to their own The actual need to choose to buy. For example, it can expand the multi-function bracket, cup holder and so on. The powerful extension function allows you to have this gaming net chair, you can carry out comfortable office and entertainment.

PConline evaluation room summary

In general, the excellent design of the Goddess model of the Direx Air gaming net chair brings an excellent experience. In terms of design, the goddess model of the Direx Air gaming net chair successfully introduced the principle of racing shock absorbers, which solved the problem of the collapse of the ordinary net chair after sitting for a long time, and greatly extended the service life of the seat. The use of polyester elastomer mesh allows the Direx Air Gaming Net Chair Goddess to retain the perfect package of the Gaming Chair, increase the elasticity of the breathable net chair, and enhance the impact of the cool appearance. More modular design allows users to install various ergonomic functional accessories according to their needs.