From gaming chair to gaming ergonomic chair, the actual comparison tells you where to improve

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Decoration is a time-consuming, labor-intensive and energy-consuming task. The aftertaste process is definitely bitter but sweet. The ultimate achievement is the fun. After the hard-installation is completed, the home purchase process is visible and tangible. At this time, most of the purchases can be done online without leaving the house. At that time, I used the three criteria of "good material, suitable price, and high enough appearance". Compared with the first material, it is the most difficult point to judge online shopping. Therefore, it is not easy to raise a little budget and choose a big brand. It's overturned.

Out of consideration for home decoration style, the American solid wood style was popular when I was decorating, so I basically didn't run out of this big frame at that time. I still care about unity, so I usually don’t change the big ones, but there is one exception, that is, the seat that has been in contact with me for more than 8 hours a day. As for the reason, I just want to "waist, shoulder, sacrum" Be a good friend (smiles bitterly).

Earlier I used dining chairs and folding stools, in a state of "not unusable" (it is estimated that most people have the same idea as me) and used them for N years. After the repurchase plan for the new house began, the solid wood desks were inertial thinking, and together they started with the same style of net celebrity solid wood chairs (and it is not possible to buy a single one, two 2K+).

Anyway, when you get older, you will eventually find that "expensive is not necessarily good, but really expensive is really good". Compared with solid wood furniture in terms of material and face value, ergonomic chair will become the end point of most people's choice of "health".

In recent years, the attention of ergonomic chairs has been increasing, which shows that the demand is particularly prominent. Because the ergonomic chair is different from the general chair, its functions, categories, and the large price range greatly increase the cost of learning during the purchase process, so I have also read many articles on the Internet.

In order to do as much as possible in one step, I have summarized a few major elements:

1. Same as mattress test sleep, short-term test sitting may not produce results;

2. The ergonomics cost is mostly under research and development, so don't set the cost based on appearance;

3. Ignore metaphysics propaganda and look at different adjustable dimensions (angle, depth, height, etc.);

3. The lumbar support must be independent, the headrest must have, and the hand support must have more angles

E-sports chair and ergonomic chair can not be separated

Before that, I had a certain prejudice against ergonomic chairs, and I always felt that mesh fabric was not as reliable as leather. This is actually the same as buying a sofa. Leather is indeed much more expensive than fabric or PU leather. A leather boss chair with no design of more than 10,000 yuan is definitely an IQ tax. Because of the preconceived concept, young people who are looking for fashion will start with a gaming chair that starts at 100 yuan, while those who really consider health will choose a reliable ergonomic chair.

There is a process for everything, and I did not get it off the beaten path in the first two years. To be handsome is indeed the first aspect, and it is also the general trend. In addition, even under the less scientific design of the headrest and lumbar pillow, there is still no discomfort in the body.

However, in the past two years, there will obviously be muscle soreness or nervousness caused by sitting for a long time, and PU skin is really not suitable for the home environment (direct contact with the skin for a long time). Even if the air conditioner is fully turned on in the summer, the picture of the cushion after getting up is so beautiful that I dare not look directly at it.

In fact, the development of gaming chairs is not a few years old, and office chairs are the same furniture that needs to maintain a long-term sitting posture. However, after a long time, everyone found that the sitting posture of this product was stiff, not much adjustment, and basically used airtight PU leather, and even some cheap models showed a lot of peeling. Not only that, but the aging problem of the rubber band of the headrest and lumbar pillow is even more terrible.

The traditional ergonomic chair eliminates the extra "XX pillow" and directly supports the chair itself. In order to further conform to the considerations of original gaming users, the contact area is also increased, the lateral support of the body is improved, and the armrests are independently adjusted. This is why some gaming chairs have switched to mesh as the contact material. It can be seen that the two display forms are different, but the concepts are constantly converging.

The most intuitive difference after one month of update

Most office chair cushions use a sponge cushion. Although it has good flexibility for short-term riding, it ignores support (also a correct sitting posture). This is why the real ergonomic chair basically uses mesh as the contact material, and the quality of this woven mesh determines the comfort of the ride.

Take Xiangyaojia X5 as a case. Its unique double color mesh fabric makes it easier to observe the horizontal and vertical interweaving structure of the two materials. I took the picture after a month of high-intensity use. Judging from the curvature, the mesh is still tight, and there is almost no rebound and collapse. I also checked the relevant information. The mesh has relevant weighing standards and has a redundant design. As long as the weight does not exceed 136 kg, there is no need to worry about the mesh weighing. So now I can take back my distrust of net cloth.

The X5 sitting surface has a curved concave structure, and the low-rebound mesh cloth can trap people in the center position during riding, which not only ensures the comfort of the support, but also takes into account the flexibility. Of course, the large mesh can greatly cover the contact area of the entire thigh, which is also the key factor for sedentary effortlessness.

Because I want to "Ge You lie down" to change sitting position, the buttocks will naturally move forward or backward. When moving forward, the mesh cloth on the edge of the seat cushion has a width of 8 cm sponge as an additional support. Obviously, the mesh reinforcement or the enhancement of the resilience have a very good riding effect. This detail is done very well. When you choose to move backwards, the downward arc of the sitting surface is greater than that of the front side, so no sponge is added. However, the inner side of the frame is extended by hand to support the distribution of the center of gravity of the human body.

Forgive me for not finding a good-looking picture, using the Chinese medicine spine anatomy diagram. The term “old waist” is often mentioned in ergonomic chairs. In fact, this refers to a whole lumbosacral area: lumbar spine (green) + sacrum (dark blue). It is because of sitting still for a long time, it is easy to cause the sacroiliac joint to dislocate, which can cause lumbosacral pain, and in severe cases, it can cause radiation pain in the lower limbs.

In order to achieve this part and each person's mutual matching, you must constantly adjust to the most suitable position after going home for a while. The X5 can achieve three-level adjustment of high, middle and low positions, which can only be seen on relatively high-end ergonomic chairs, and it is almost impossible to achieve on e-sports chairs.

High-X5 adopts the method of sliding up and not locking, and sliding down to limit position, and realizes five-level height adjustment (span is up to 60mm);

Middle-the lumbar pillow is a truly independent and adjustable design, and it is infinitely adjustable. The left and right knobs are placed outside, which can quickly blindly adjust the lumbosacral area at any time (span is up to 50mm);

Low-cushion adjustment is the easiest to overlook, but it is extremely important. With the sliding of the tail of the cushion, the normal curvature of the human spine can be achieved from the tail vertebra to the sacrum and then to the lumbar spine. Otherwise, only the two adjustments of the backrest, the sitting posture cannot be completely back (the depth is up to 45mm).

The headrest is very easy to use, the strength is just right, and it can be pulled to the right position.

I took a look at Xiangyao's previous unboxing and found that the headrest needs to be installed by the user. This time, it is directly preset on the X5. The headrest is actually very useful. After all, the head and neck are the most active and require different resting positions. Then the different needs of head cushioning or neck cushioning can not be met by those who cannot move or move up and down alone. At this point, the external headrest of X5 is very flexible and will not be affected by height (the height can be adjusted up to 160mm, and it can be adapted to the height range of 153-195cm).

Oh, by the way, the hanger on the back is a bonus item, not a necessary item, so I won't explain more.

The X5, which is positioned as a new gaming concept, has made additional small designs. In the 2K+ gear, the aluminum alloy chassis, four-stage air pressure bar, wire-controlled chassis, and aluminum alloy feet are used, which is a bit more cost-effective. And this seemingly very gimmicky 4D hand rest can realize the design with the most unlocking positions (height, front and rear, width and narrowness, rotation) I have ever seen, and it seems to be in line with 3-4K products.

Other height adjustments and backrest adjustments are routine operations, and they are similar to each other, and there is not much collapse. X5 is adjusted by the backrest rebound strength, combined with the lumbosacral support, it can indeed give people a very tight sense of support and wrapping. It may also be that I sit still for a long time, knowing the uncomfortable pain. The ergonomic chair is indeed far more effective and direct than a standing office desk. At the same time, what I value most is its ability to correct sitting posture. Regarding this point, it is estimated that it is difficult for those who have never sat down to understand what I mean. In fact, the secret lies in the net cloth characteristics and various adjustments that make users only sit in a centered and normal position. In other uncomfortable positions, people may sit back in their subconscious mind just about to move over.

Of course it does not mean that the ergonomic chair can perfectly support the possibility of long-term sedentary? Obviously, it is not. If the solid wood chair is changed to an ordinary gaming chair, it is increased by 50%, then from the ordinary gaming chair to an ergonomic chair, it is increased by 70%. The remaining 30% requires users to slowly improve their daily habits, combined with standing, sitting, and moderate exercise to truly achieve the health of the entire spine.