Simple style Italian computer chair, classic combination of comfort and aesthetics

2021-07-30 管理员 Read 741

For modern people, a computer chair is indispensable. Whether at home or working in the company, you need to sit in front of the computer chair to complete your work, or perform various electronic leisure and entertainment activities. However, it is not easy to find a computer chair with both aesthetics and comfort. Most of the products on the market are in black and white tones, the style is monotonous, and there is no decoration at all, especially when placed at home. It is an aesthetic disaster.

In my home renovation this year, I am determined to find a computer chair that can match the Nordic simplicity. I saw a lot of products in physical stores and online, and almost gave up in the end. I was accidentally planted an Italian-style computer chair in the small town of Eminem. At first sight, I was moved. The color is elegant and advanced, and it can create a sense of luxury. The structural design is also ergonomic, and the sitting feeling is very comfortable. I start with decisiveness. Now my husband and I are rushing to sit every day.

The contact surface of the computer chair is made of high-quality first-layer cowhide, which has good flexibility, will not be deformed or cracked after sitting for a long time, and can guarantee a service life of about 10 years. At the same time, it retains the delicate lines of the cowhide itself, giving a low-key luxury visually. The color is also more classic and durable, and it can be harmoniously matched with simple European style or modern style decoration.

We choose a computer chair. In addition to looking at the appearance, the most important thing is to consider its comfort, otherwise it will really cause backache after sitting for a long time. This computer chair in Eminem Town is designed with an ergonomic chair back and cushion. According to the curve characteristics of the human body, the angle of the backrest and the thickness of the cushion are adjusted. Sit is not tired.

It supports 360° rotation, allowing you to find the most comfortable sitting posture and adapt to different usage environments. It is very comfortable to sit while writing, programming, cutting videos or playing games. Equipped with SGS three-level air pressure rod, and passed the inspection and certification of the authoritative organization, the safety and durability are more guaranteed. Comes with a humanized free mode, the maximum reclining angle can reach 120°, and you can get enough rest and relaxation during the working gap.

The cushion is filled with fluffy doll cotton, which is softer and more comfortable than ordinary sponge liner. At the same time, its supporting ability is also excellent enough to bring lasting support and resilience, not easy to collapse and deform. The electroplated five-star foot made of aluminum alloy is also one of its design highlights. It can enhance the artistic sense visually, and can also distribute weight and maintain stability in function.

Nowadays, young people's aesthetic taste is getting higher and higher, and they are more picky when choosing various household products. The traditional computer chair design is too conservative and it is really uninteresting. If you want to use it at home, you have to choose carefully. This computer chair in Eminem Town adopts a simple Italian design style, classic and durable, stylish and luxurious, and has a first-class decoration effect at home. More comfortable ergonomic design, impeccable sitting feeling.